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Being a business owner certainly has enough roadblocks of its own. Add the stress of maneuvering the ever-changing digital environment, and one can certainly grow overwhelmed.

We both know it's important to build and cultivate a digital presence. But, there aren't enough hours in the day. Hiring and training the right personnel to handle these functions can be grueling when you don't know the field yourself. A time and money investment is honestly risky, but we're here to help.

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We are a small but mighty team of creative entrepreneurs with over 20 years of collective experience in the space of digital media, digital marketing and social media marketing. Whenever a new social media platform pops up, we tap in, experiment, research, adapt and grow. The best part of this, is with our expertise and YOUR vision, a seamless partnership is created as we speak your language and know the digital landscape extremely well. Here are some of our specializations:



video, photo, design.

From video production, video editing to photography, graphic design and more, a strong digital presence is cultivated through the consistency of a strong visual identity. We value this, largely in part because it's worked for us and our clients. We know it can work for you too.

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FB, IG, YT +

The worlds of social media are ever changing. It's hard enough to keep up with the constant upkeep of a business. We are avid users and managers of the more popular platforms. Let us do the heavy lifting online, so you can focus on your business off-line.

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Make your Mark

Through a balanced symphony, we place your brand in front of your current audience, and those with similar traits that don't already follow you, for maximum impact and results. The combination of effective SEO, organic and paid content is what we specialize in.

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We are a small but mighty team of creative entrepreneurs. We run our creative services businesses like any small business owner, and are constantly adapting to the ever-changing climate. Additionally, we bring a range of diverse perspectives and experiences from varying industries, in working with and within Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, medical facilities in more. Here's a bit more about each team member:

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Nico started his marketing career working for the PGA's Honda Classic. Eventually his love for media and digital marketing led him to found NTS Media as a freelancer working with corporate clients, small businesses and everything in between. He has an MBA in marketing and over 10 years of experience in multimedia and marketing for businesses nationwide.

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Lead Designer

Fonzie has several years of graphic design experience, working within small businesses and managing his own clients. His attention to detail and desire to bring forth his clients' visions is what makes his designs stand out from the rest.

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Video Editor/Social Media Manager

Tristan has been a social media manager and videographer for companies ranging from the local one-man shop, to national dealership chains. His grit and determination are shown through every campaign he's a part of.

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Marketing is a two-way streak, which is why we call it a partnership. We have had great success building solid partnerships with our clients in the past, and certainly will continue to deliver on the same promises for the future. We can't tell you how to run your business, you're certainly the expert there! 

Our partnership provides the necessary elements, tools and support needed to cultivate your digital presence in order to expand your footprint beyond your immediate surroundings. That's what makes this partnership successful.


Here is what our partners have said about us: 



"I would literally work with Nico on anything. His energy, his creative mind, his organizational skills, and his personality both on camera, and behind the microphone, make him a standout in the world of creators. Nico deeply cares about the projects that he gets involved with, and it SHOWS. Thank you, Nico for all that you do, and for making the complicated world of marketing fun and exciting."

- Daniel, Director of Catalogue Acquisitions & Brand Partnerships, DistroKid



The Goat Agency brought us on to produce content for 3 influencer campaigns in 2021. Per Goat, "everyone (at Dell) loved the content." After the first campaign, Dell hired NTS on for two additional campaigns targeting small business owners, embracing Hispanic Heritage Month, and providing Tech Tips for SMB owners. We hope to continue exploring further partnerships with Dell Tech & The Goat Agency in the future.

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"I highly recommended Nick to anyone. He is incredibly responsive, hardworking and talented. I have been a client of his for the last couple of years and I have been extremely pleased."

- Dr. Byrnes, Park Smiles Dentistry & FFS Podcast

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We're happy to answer some general questions. However, we highly recommend setting up an hour long consultation to get the most out of our team's resources and time. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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